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Karen Rontowski               Sonya King  


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Paranormal Comics is both unique and out of this world funny! This fusion of stand-up comedy, tarot card reading, and animal communication is a one of a kind event. Internationally known celebrity comedians and headliners Karen Rontowski and Sonya King will be your guides as they predict the future, talk to your pets, and make you laugh, all in one show...FOR REAL! Both are psychic ladies, and are the only ones sharing their talents with a show like this. These Paranormal Comics are hysterically funny, but are ‘Not a Pair of Normal Comics’.

No other place can you find a show such as ours! Comedy and the paranormal. Both ladies are hilarious, and both are gifted in the supernatural. As a headliner and performer, each comic puts on a show you can't miss. David Brenner says, “Even if you can’t spell Karen Rontowski, you’d better remember it, because she is GREAT!”, and Kevin Pollack says about Sonya, "Whatever IT is, she's got IT!"

In addition to their comedic talents, each have special gifts. Karen is an expert in Tarot, a Reiki Master, and is an experienced Ghost Hunter. Sonya is a renowned Animal Communicator, a Reiki Master, and provides business speaking engagements using her special insight.

Check our schedule to find out if we are performing near you. Contact us for a performance with your organization. Read our monthly newsletter 'The Aluminum Foil Hat Chronicles'. Or browse around and enjoy our site. There are updates often. You can even follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Above all else...thanks for joining us!